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How the Program Works

Our Patient Advocates have professional relationships with mesothelioma doctors and cancer treatment centers across the country. We already know answers to many of your questions about treatment, insurance coverage and costs. Use our expertise to live a longer life.

Why People Recommend Us

My Dad lost his fight to mesothelioma last Monday (Aug. 10, 2012). He was diagnosed in Feb of this year. Thank you for the information you have on this page, it was really helpful and enabled me to better understand this hideous disease.
Karen Simpson
I was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma in April 2012. I carefully weighed my option for obtaining assistance with all the required detail for filing a Department of Veterans Affairs disability claim. I chose you to work with and entered the necessary information at the website and within three hours I had a call back. We decided on a plan of action and with their help were able to file my claim within two weeks.
John G. Nelson Tennessee
Thank you for all of your help! Thanks to you we are now in touch with mesothelioma experts who are providing us with facts on my father’s condition. We could not have done this alone, and I encourage anyone thinking about contacting you for their help and assistance to DO IT! I don’t want to imagine where we would be without them. The organization was so helpful in getting my father to experts who could provide us with facts, answers and most importantly HOPE! This cancer is very rare and our family doctor offered no hope, which was very upsetting. However, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, we walked out feeling like we have a chance, and that’s our goal for my father. I’m so thankful for all of the help, guidance and support given to my family.
AnneMarie Spina Utica, NY

Factors We Consider When Finding Your Specialists

Mesothelioma is not a one-size-fits-all disease. Treatment is highly targeted to a patient's exact disease type. Our Doctor Match Program is tailored to have the same kind of personal touch.


Not every city has a mesothelioma specialist, and our database allows is to put patients with the doctors closest to them.

Diagnosis Type

The type of mesothelioma is a primary determining factor for the doctor you should to see. Make sure you get the attention you deserve.

Financial Options

You might be eligible for a grant or other financial resources. These are questions we can help you answer once you decide to reach out for help.

Stage of Disease

Doctors based mesothelioma treatment on the stage of your cancer. We'll get you to the one who can help you the most.

Current Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are designed to push treatment to the next frontier, and doctors are constantly on the lookout for patients to fill those free trials.

Doctor's Experience

Very few doctors understand the intricacies of treating mesothelioma, so experience counts. Make sure your doctor has a strong track record.

Current Course of Treatment

It may be that today's cancer treatments are exactly what you need to move forward. Let us show you the options for this treatment.

Willingness & Ability to Travel

Some patients are more willing and able to travel than others. Travel can increase your options for treatment.

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