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    Patient Advocates
    Our patient advocates can answer medical questions, connect you with a pleural mesothelioma specialist, and help you understand financial assistance options to cover medical costs.
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    Medical Content from Experts
    Our in-house medical doctor, Snehal Smart, M.D., researches peer-reviewed studies and conducts interviews with oncologists, researchers and other medical and scientific experts before writing and publishing content on the site. As advancements in diagnoses and treatments emerge, she updates the website to reflect the most current information.
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    Public Outreach
    Our social media team spreads awareness about asbestos and pleural mesothelioma while letting the public know about the services we offer. We can be reached on Facebook and Twitter.

Our Dedicated Team

PleuralMesothelioma.com is an informative website and advocacy group that helps people affected by pleural mesothelioma cancer. We provide free resources and assistance to help patients and their loved ones cope with medical, emotional and financial challenges.

Contact Us
Snehal Smart, M.D., patient advocate at the Pleural Mesothelioma Center
Snehal Smart, M.D.

Snehal Smart is the Pleural Mesothelioma Center’s in-house medical doctor, serving as both an experienced Patient Advocate and an expert medical writer for the website. When she is not providing one-on-one assistance to patients, Dr. Smart stays current on the latest medical research, reading peer-reviewed studies and interviewing oncologists to learn about advancements in diagnostic tools and cancer treatments.

Danielle DiPietro, VA Accredited agent & patient advocate at the Pleural Mesothelioma Center
Danielle DiPietro

Danielle DiPietro is a Patient Advocate and writer for the Pleural Mesothelioma Center. She is also accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs as an official claims agent, allowing her to provide specialized assistance to veterans and their family members.

Who We Help

We help anyone affected by pleural mesothelioma. Whether you’re a patient, family member, caregiver or a loved one of someone with pleural mesothelioma, we can provide assistance. There are also a number of organizations across the country dedicated to helping individuals who are battling pleural mesothelioma and other types of cancers. Take a look at some of our featured cancer resources
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    We connect patients with the resources they need to understand and fight pleural mesothelioma. We help each patient find a pleural mesothelioma specialist and a cancer treatment center.
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    We support the gifted caregivers who care for pleural mesothelioma patients. We can explain their financial assistance options and provide them with the resources they need on their journey.
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    Loved Ones
    We also support the family and friends of patients with pleural mesothelioma. Our informative website and patient-centered blog keep loved ones up to date on the latest treatment options and resources.

What We Can Do For You

Our website offers the latest research and detailed medical information on pleural mesothelioma. We focus exclusively on the pleural form of the cancer to deliver the specific information that pertains to your diagnosis. For those who prefer hard-copy reading materials, we provide information packets and books free of charge.
  • Patient Advocates
    Our Patient Advocates can help patients and their loved ones understand their diagnosis, as well as their options for treatment and emotional support. And our entire team works to pair patients with pleural mesothelioma specialists throughout the country. Advocates can also explain forms of financial assistance such as Social Security disability, travel grants and legal options.
  • Veterans Department
    Our Veterans Department can help secure VA benefits for veterans coping with pleural mesothelioma. Our Claims Agents are fully accredited by the VA to help veterans file for VA benefits and appeals. Our department director is a retired Navy LCDR (O-4) who has helped obtain benefits for pleural mesothelioma since 2008.

Want to Learn More About Us?

Interested in learning more about the Pleural Mesothelioma Center? Get the answers of our most frequently asked questions.