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How the Program Works

Our Patient Advocates have professional relationships with mesothelioma doctors and cancer treatment centers across the country. We can give you answers to questions about your treatment, insurance coverage and medical costs. Our expertise could help you live a longer life.

Tell Us About Your Diagnosis

Many mesothelioma specialists treat a specific form of the disease, and we can match you to one of these doctors based on your diagnosis.

We'll Find You a Specialist

We will give you doctor and treatment center options close to your home or elsewhere.

We Get You Financial Help

Don't be alarmed by the thought of high medical costs. There are a number of programs to get you the financial resources for the treatment you deserve.

Why People Recommend Us

My dad lost his fight to mesothelioma in 2012. Thank you for the information you have on this page. It was really helpful and enabled me to better understand this hideous disease. Karen Simpson

Factors We Consider When Finding You a Specialist

Mesothelioma is not a one-size-fits-all disease. Treatment is highly targeted to a patient's exact disease type. Our Doctor Match Program is tailored to have the same kind of personal touch.


Not every city has a mesothelioma specialist, and our database allows us to place patients with the nearest doctors.

Diagnosis Type

Your mesothelioma type is a primary determining factor for the doctor you should see. Make sure you get the attention you deserve.

Financial Options

You might be eligible for a grant or other financial resources. These are questions we can help you answer once you decide to reach out for help.

Stage of Disease

Doctors base mesothelioma treatment on the stage of your cancer. We'll get you the doctor who can help you the most.

Current Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are designed to push treatment to the next frontier, and doctors are constantly looking for patients to fill those free trials.

Doctor's Experience

Experience counts because few doctors understand the intricacies of treating mesothelioma. Make sure your doctor has a strong track record.

Current Course of Treatment

It may be that today's cancer treatments are exactly what you need to move forward. Let us show you the options for this treatment.

Willingness & Ability to Travel

Some patients are more willing and able to travel than others. Travel can increase your treatment options.

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